<Income Tax Planning>

A very vast subject and it comes with various inputs with variety of requirement as per the need of client. 

A very interesting example – during budget speech of F.Y. 2019-20 it was declared section 87A scope has been widen and now up to Rs.5 lacs net income will not be taxable but the moment net income crosses Rs.1/- only over and above to Rs.5 lacs then entire tax calculations will be calculated as there was no exemption available even Rs.2500/- tax rebate gone which was earlier available. 

Keeping in mind such change, if you have taxable income Rs.5,02,500/- then as per Dr. Girish Ahuja, very interesting solution invest Rs.2500/- in 100% exempted 80G donation and get tax benefit of whole tax liability at Nil rate. This is called Tax planning, it is not tax evasion.

  • We study your earnings – salaried, business, firm etc then analyze available sources of tax savings which can help in reducing your tax liabilities.
  • We plan to distribute income with the ambit of Tax Law and reduce tax liability.
  • We work well in advance for suggestive investments, break ups of earning such manner which reduces your taxes and comply on time with installments of Advance Taxes. 
  • We analyze your receipts and tell you about their tax implications.

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