<Income Tax Search & Seizures>

This activity is again covered under “Protection to our Clients”.

Search & Seizure, done by Income Tax Department on surprise but their preparations going on several months ago at back end of IT Dept. The advisors/consultants are not allowed when process is going on but after search there are many steps required till the conclusion of final search order. WE handle step by step whole search as under:

  • Preventive measures – to educate staff and seniors how to behave when search conducts at various premises – honesty is the best approach.

  • We assist to promoters/directors for statements post search.

  • Till appraisal concluded and all cases centralized – we assist at each step.

  • Re-assessment of search period through re-submission of old F.Ys. returns submitted u/s 153A or 153C – we do the process.

  • Assisting in many situations/process of search conclusion, releasing/procuring copy of documents/papers/confiscated assets/un-freezing bank accounts etc.

  • Assisting through proper POA re-assessment proceedings, avoiding penalties by timely action.

  • Filing appeals/re-appeals by aggrieved orders.

  • Go for ITSC – Income Tax Settlement, High Courts, SLPs at Supreme Court etc.

WE provide complete solution if search took place at client places.

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